The Front Seat, Live on Firefighter Netcast

A primer for Dave’s first show. Listen in and let your mind engage.

Dave LeBlanc, the person behind the better posts on this site, will be the voice behind those same posts tonight. You can listen live tonight to his show on FirefighterNetcast at 2100 hours EST or you can listen later at your leisure once it is edited and ready for download. Since it should be second nature to know your speaker here is a link to Dave’s 2011 posts, as well as 2010 and 2009.

Tonight’s topics as well as future show plans are:

Colerain Township
The difference between internal reports and the NIOSH reports. (without condemning NIOSH – just pointing out how the internal reports tend to be more honest.) Pointing out the inherent problem we have translating the NIOSH findings into our own situations. Reports from year to year read the exact same way…even for the same department. It should take a NIOSH report for your department to make the changes needed; never have there been more resources available.

Topics from the Firefighter Near Miss Database and review several reports
Discuss the problems found from the different perspectives and potential solutions.

Discussion of Small Town Operations

Translating urban training and tactics into reality with less manpower and fewer resources.

I wouldn’t promote someone, much less give them a platform to write from, if they didn’t offer sensible dialogue and debate on some of our hot-button issues. If you think you’re going to hear safety beaten up and aggression championed, then you better find something else to do tonight.

If you want to be provoked into putting aside biases and stereotypes, to ask ‘why?’ and ‘why not?’, if you want to exercise your firefighting brain, then tune in.

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