They’re Here!

Black Diamond sends a pair of X2’s to Dave for testing in the Cape Cod extremes.

Recently I was contacted by Black Diamond to demo and review a pair of their new X2 Structural Leather Fire Boots. The boots arrived on this week and I put them in service on Friday. Look for an upcoming review on the boots, as well as follow on blogs about how they are performing for the long haul.

I am excited to put these boots to work and see how they compare to others I have worn. I appreciate the opportunity from Black Diamond and will offer everyone a honest assessment of the X2 Fire Boot.

Photographs courtesy of author.

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  • Ben Waller says:

    I recently purchased a pair of X2s and they are simply the best fire boots I’ve ever had. They fit well, are comfortable, easy to don and doff, and have the “ankle clamp” feature that prevents the nasty Achilles tendon and heel blisters common with so many other fire boots.

    I give mine a “10 out of 10”.

  • Patrick L. Brown says:

    I have tried quite a few leather boots and haven’t found anything that compares to the Globes…simply the most comfortable, work friendly boot on the market. I would be curious to hear about the Black Diamonds. I tried then on at FDIC and they seemed OK but working in them will tell the story.

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