Breaking News From FDIC Regarding Brotherhood Instructors

Rumor has it Through-the-Lock forcible entry class has a high profile member enrolled.

The latest early morning buzz coming out of FDIC involves Brotherhood Instructors. It appears that their quality contribution to the Hands On Training classes has gained the attention of the latest ‘one locked out’ downtown.

Arriving home Wednesday after his Latin America trip, President Obama found himself locked out. Quick thinking on his part got him inside through another door, however our contacts downtown have heard rumbling that the President wanted to make sure this never happened again. We’re told – unofficially – that the U.S. Secret Service has been tasked with seeking out a highly skilled forcible entry program, tailored for individual department operations. Brotherhood Instructors won’t confirm or deny if the actual training request was made.

There are also reports that the FAA has made a similar request after news came out about an air traffic controller allegedly locked out of the tower, at Washington’s Reagan National Airport, while planes were landing.

No comment yet from the platoons of 13 Engine, 10 Truck on the White House lock out. We hope to find the staff of Brotherhood Instructors for more details.

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