Bailey and the Tinhelmet Evolution.

A change to his site and why this is important to you.

Years ago, many years ago, a Prince George’s County fire officer created a site called It was a stand alone site, some would call a voice in the wilderness, long before the blogs. It is well known locally because of the man behind it and the written word inside.

Over time, Bailey became well known ‘out there’ in the cyberworld, or at least the part I navigate. His writings were picked up by FireRescue1. Over the years, Bailey keeps readers coming back to Tinhelmet in a remarkable way. He’s never used Network Blogs, or Disqus, or Facebook and Twitter for self-promotion. He hasn’t created a following to change the fire service, like some in EMS, and actually he doesn’t bitch and gripe about a lot either. Many of you would call his old sites, and current one, unattractive lacking all the latest widgets, toolbars and at times, even photos.

Being in my county, Bailey certainly set himself up for critique, but spend some time here and you would never know it. Aside from Ricky Riley, Doc Moltrup and Jimmy Hook, you probably couldn’t find anyone else who has a presence on the radio. I’ve worked at fires, buffed fires and listened to fires that Bailey had command of and his attitude and clarity in direction are amazing. Part of this is because he deeply understands communication, and this is probably why Tinhelmet has changed. He has stated in the new ‘About’ section, that part of the change is to be better connected with existing technology.

One time I was working late at the office when the box went out for Seven Springs, a cluster of high-rise buildings near 95, Branchville’s first due. The squirrel in me had me pulling up the same time as Medic 12, who reported fire showing from a rear balcony. Satisfied with watching the quick knockdown of burning materials on the balcony, and having taken enough photos, I went over to Bailey to say hi and then go home.

“How did I sound?” he asked.

“You sounded fine.”

“No, how did the incident command sound? Was I clear, understandable to you? Were my directions clear?”

So we talked and I was in surprised. Not that he’d ask me my opinion, but that he was evaluating himself, maybe getting an opinion from a bystander with knowledge and not an actual participant. He was critiquing himself and the first line wasn’t even drained yet. Some of his older posts are actual critiques of himself as firefighter, company officer and chief officer. Excuse me, detailed critiques of himself.

That is what draws me to read his work, what draws me to review my writing regularly, compare it to his – not to be like him – but to see if I’ve dropped to what others do- passing along fads and hype – and not challenging you to think.

Read the new Tinhelmet. Expand your mind. Don’t be a sheep.

I’m not a stalker, honest.

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