You’re Offended?Video Shared By STATter911 Reveals Some of You Have A High Opinion of Yourselves

When Dave shared episode 1 of the hilarious “Hosed”, some squirrels took offense.

Allow me to indulge in a brief op-ed post about volunteers and self-perception.

Last week, Dave Statter posted the video of episode 1 on “Hosed”, a comedic look at figures in a fake volunteer fire department in a suggestively fictional New England community. I laughed till I almost cried, it was so well done. Is it a little bit irreverent? Yes, but it is a parody of its predecessors. Knowing the high caliber of reading comprehension among Dave’s commenting readers, as well as Facebook fans, I was curious to see how long it would last before someone got their knickers in a knot.

I only had to wait mere seconds.

Justin Kennedy: As a volunteer, I take a lot of offense to that video. My department is very professional, and that is far from the truth.

Z says: ok…this show will suck….I could see if they made a show about the serious volunteers and throw some comedy into it like the real world of firefighting….but straight up stupidity like this is uncalled for. Make a real show on volunteer firefighters, that actually has alot of firefighter action and accidents and less sex

Matthew Iverson: i think this vidio is compleate bullshit it make us look bad

Kennedy says: As a volunteer, I take a lot of offense to that video. My department is very professional, and that is far from the truth.

Travis Brown: This is a disgrace to firefighting absolutely uncalled for

My Oh My says: Pennsytukky…..why not MARYurcuznLAND. I think it resembled you south of the border inbredded paid department rejects a little more than up here. You guys really know how to toot your own horn, but hey, if nobody else gives a hoot about you, you might as well blow away. (That was just more satire, don’t be offended, just laugh at yourselves with the rest of us)

John Rose: This is crap. you can put any kind of spin on it you want and it is still crap.

Rob in Alabama says: I’m so tired of the bad rep for volunteer departments. Last house fire we had, I was there in 4 minutes, two trucks with 3500 gallons in 6 minutes and water on the fire in 10 minutes. I’m a professional firefighter that doesn’t get paid. BTW the clip was funny.

Hoyt Huckabee: yes from the outside looking in this can be funny but the bad thing is some fire depts are actually like this. Personally i take offense to this because my fire dept is nothing like this and this video gives all vol. fireman a bad rep! volunteer or paid we should all be professional!!

You get the point.

So after following such well written comments I asked myself, ‘Self, does this video offend you as a former volunteer firefighter and officer?’ And self said ‘Hell no.’

I pondered this dilemma a bit more to see what does offend me and quickly found the following.

I’m offended that some firefighters commit arson.

I’m offended that some firefighters are child predators.

I’m offended when I see pictures of firefighters, officers and chief officers with their gut so large they can barely fasten their SCBA waist strap, much less their running coat.

I’m offended when I hear a chief officer say “I don’t believe in ‘teaching fire’; it’s something that must be learned on the call.”

I’m offended when I see the aerial thrown to the roof of a 1-story private dwelling and all the ground ladders are still in the bed.

I’m offended when I see an entire truck company on the roof and only one guy has a hook.

I’m offended when I see a lineman grab the nozzle and run, leaving a pile of hose dumped on the ground by the wagon.

I’m offended when I see the same recommendations listed over and over again in line of duty death investigations.

I’m offended when I see gimmicks being sold at FRI, FDIC and Expo in the name of your safety and the deaths of others.

I’m offended when the last time a firefighter tells me his company did a walk-through was more than six months ago.

I’m offended that firefighters throw out “EGH” as much as Egyptians have been flashing the V for victory sign lately.

I’m offended that firefighters can die while drag racing and still be given an LODD listing.

I’m offended when I see out of shape firefighters bemoan the rate of LODDs while taking no action to improve their own health.

So, you’re offended by a comical video? I bet you’ll be curled up in your 9/11 memorial t-shirt with the tissues as the credits of the final episode of “Rescue Me” scroll upwards too.

I guess the truth does hurt.

All comments must include your name or the name of your department. Either one, it makes no difference. If you don’t, well we can do nothing for you.

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  • Eddie C says:

    Nice job Bill. So many people are wrapped up in the aesthetics of being a firefighter and get offended my the meaningless things that they fail to see where the real issues are.

    Keep up the good work and I hope you see you at FIDC!

  • Melissa says:

    I’m a volunteer and I thought it was hilarious. The video aside that’s how a lot of volunteers are looked at and still act to this day. I guess if you want to not be offeneded you should get your heads out of your behinds. Just sayin…….

  • Grant Mishoe says:

    You could not have hit the “mark” better than this. I live in a state that is 80% volunteer. I love vollies… even though I have been paid my entire career with some vollie sprinkled in.

    I got into a “conversation” on Facebook about the reality of “RESCUE ME”. We all know that this is a TELEVISION SHOW and must be taken with a grain of salt, HOWEVER you look at 99% of those scenarios, whether in house or out, and tell me that this does not occur on a daily basis.

    Most of every thing that occurs on that show I have seen in one form or another. Can anyone else sit and read this honestly and tell me they haven’t?

    To “Hosed”… this was so funny I nearly pissed myself watching it. If anyone in their right mind thinks that this is real then you have to take a reality check. Come on people… it is TV and is not real. You get both sides of the spectrum with this.

    Get some sense!

  • I’m offended at you being offended that there are a few thin-skinned people out there enraged and offended.

    For years, we have all become so EAGER TO BE OFFENDED.

    Those of us who don’t have the want or ability to step back and laugh at ourselves would do well to pull up our big-boy pants and take a chill-pill.

    Settle down, Francis.

  • John Rose says:

    How about getting the story right. Last week, Dave Statter posted the video of episode 1 on “Hosed” and asked for others opinion. Opinions were given and it would appear that you got a good case of the red ass. I like to see your face the day some loud mouth spouts off ” Bill you was a former volunteer firefighter once, you look like a bunch of dumb asses on the show call Hosed”. Remember “step back and laugh” How about you and your two buddies (John and Eddis) standed up and put your “Big Boy Pants” on and take some Pride in the fire service.

  • Bill Carey says:

    John Rose,

    I’m from Prince George’s County. Do you honestly believe that some comic video is going to offend me more than some real life events my department has experienced? Some of the many virtuous acts firefighters in my department have done are what makes me proud – not an actor on YouTube. If it bothers you, so be it.

    John Mitchell,

    I’m offended with myself that I offended you.

    Bill Carey

  • Dave LeBlanc says:


    Did you actually read this blog? There are so many more pressing issues that get screwed up on an every day basis than this video.

    Rescue Me ran for 7 seasons. I didn’t watch it all that often, but I chalked it up to what it was. Entertainment. You want real life, go to the Battalion and watch their shows.

    If you want to get upset, look at the list of things Bill posted and see how many apply where you are. I know that more apply where I am than I care to mention.

    Bill’s whole post talked about pride……….

  • Will Lawrence says:

    You know what offends me? When we use the title “volunteer” as an excuse not to take our responsibilities seriously. I’ve never seen a volunteer FIRE yet.

    Every volunteer firefighter should recognize Hosed as caricature; all good caricature is based on truths we hesitate to recognize.

    I know there’s lots *I* could be doing better, and when I watched this I chuckled and took it as incentive to try harder. That’s probably part of their plan, and it worked.

    Will Lawrence
    Maitland & District Volunteer Fire Department

  • Anna Menchaca EMT- P Chicago Fire Department says:

    Loved it 2 thumbs up. People we need to lighten up. The people who are getting their panties in a knot are (A.) immature (B.)have delusions of grandeur (C.) Wound up and stressed or (D.) have no sense of humor or sense of reality and or fiction vs nonfiction. I chose all of the above. People can only hurt you if you let them. If you know who you are no can hurt you. Thank You to all of the first responders that serve the public, volunteer or paid.

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