“Bunkroom Articles”New Feature to a Growing FD Live-In Site

Growing web service begins offering help for departments with live-in members.

A growing and increasingly valuable site, FDLiveIn.com is designed to help aspiring and current firefighters and officers deal with the complexities and benefits to working with live-in firehouse members. Organizers of the site have launched the first in what may be many articles to help departments and personnel have a successful bunkroom program.

Managing a Bunkroom: Part 1
Identify Your Members

Matthew Leonard

“Like any organization from the smallest volunteer fire department to the FDNY, notably the largest fire department, personnel management is the backbone of moving toward success. If an organization can successfully manage its people, the people will undoubtedly contribute to the progress of the department. There are many arguable traits that describe a good manager or leader. Fairness, respect, and the ability to listen come to mind when thinking of a successful leader. When dealing with the college aged live in, leading by example and upholding rules are very important. Young firefighters will emulate their supervisors and senior firefighters. Walking the straight and narrow, following rules, and understanding your live-ins will help you lead them to success and will make them want to follow you.”

“Who is the live in? Where are they from? What are their values? Why are they living in a firehouse? What are their goals? All of these questions need to be understood by you if you are the person administering the bunkroom. As the leader or manager you must know the answer to all these questions for every person under your command. Is that theory even possible? Not likely for a group of 16-20 live-ins. Incident management says 3-7 is an acceptable span of control on an incident but this is life too. You might remember certain answers but not necessarily all these facts about each live in.”

Read more of “Identifying Your Members” at FDLiveIn.com

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