May I Quote You?

You’ll never know what kind of caption lies behind that working fire photo.

This week, among all the images of Baltimore’s significant fires, three really good photos appeared on Firefighter Nation. Check them out here, “The Battle Begins

This one, showing those first few minutes before the engine and truck begin to make the push, had an outstanding comment added to it when another reader asked for the location of the blaze:

This is a typical structure fire that the Balto. City FD is confronted with on a daily bases. It occurred at approx. noon on a weekday. A BCFD unit passed this structure 15 minutes before the box was struck out. This depicts how quickly a row home can be consumed with fire. The BCFD has always prided itself with an aggressive interior approach to firefighting. There is a strong debate regarding how quickly units should enter a structure. This shows why our department continues to take this approach. Two civilians where trapped on the second floor front room and did not survive.” bold mine.

He’s true, there is strong debate and debate that Baltimore is not immune from. However, you’re the fire department. You’re who people call. Nice job Chief Lago.

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  • An excellent tagline about the power of captions. While a picture can be infinitely more helpful than a simple explanation or a story, the caption beneath it can give it the extra edge to really drive a point home. Compliments to Chief Lago–it’s a great photo, both in terms of content and technique/framing.

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