Rhetorical Lesson No.4:Death By POV

Let’s say that Johnson was the one dead.
How could we honestly honor a LODD caused by going 96 mph?

An Ohio volunteer firefighter was indicted for aggravated vehicular homicide this week for causing a fatal crash that killed an innocent person.

Timothy Johnson was reportedly traveling at 96 miles per hour, responding to a fire call in his personal vehicle, when he rear-ended another vehicle, killing the passenger.

Ohio Firefighter Charged in Fatal Crash, Dayton Daily News

I direct your attention to this earlier, similar post and ask you,

‘What if Timothy Johnson had died?’
‘Could you honestly say that he would have deserved official recognition?’

In baseball, the plea for the asterisk has been made when certain well-known figures reveal (or are led to reveal) that their professional record-setting achievements were not solely based on good exercise, healthy living and a mind for the game.

Street Racing Cited In Fatal Firefighter Crash
” A crash claimed the lives of two Blowing Rock volunteer firefighters last month, and now investigators have said the men may have been street racing at speeds greater than 100 mph against firefighters from out of town.”

Also, Two North Carolina Firefighters Killed Returning from Training Weekend, and USFA: North Carolina Line of Duty Deaths

By all rights and definitions (USFA) these two are entitled to, and have been, officially declared as having “died in the line of duty.”
The Case for the Asterisk

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