Lesson In Awareness: Oregon Punji Stakes

One couple protects their “stash” increasing your risk of injury or worse.

Not exactly the same punji stakes some of you might be aware of, but the deception and purpose were revealed during a Gresham, Oregon shed fire. Firefighters were called to a fire in Wood Village on 12 October. They arrived to find a significant fire and the residents attempting a knockdown with a garden hose. Once crews extinguished the blaze they became aware of nails sticking out of a fence and stakes in a covered pit.

The residents have a medical marijuana growing operation in their backyard and had deployed these countermeasures after discovering an intruder. The homeowner reports that she tried to alert the firefighters to the traps, but the scene was too chaotic. Firefighters contend that they we not told. Fortunately no one was injured during the firefighting operations.

Whether its a small scale pot hobby or a large scale meth lab, keep an eye out. Booby traps don’t distinguish between a firefighter and an opposing drug dealer.

Booby-Traps In Family’s Yard Concern Fire Crews, KPTV Fox 12
KPTV Video

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