33 Loses New Wagon. Station Error Has Engine Rebuilt; Contractors and Officials Scramble. Advances In Safe Response Stressed

Busy engine company has its new engine relocated as officials consider options.

Boston’s Back Bay Patch reports that the popular, and very old, firehouse on Boylston Street is apparently a tiny bit too small for Engine Company 33’s new apparatus. Delivered back in August the new KME wagon was able to fit inside but the fit was so snug the crew believed they would eventually damage the sides of the engine. The relatively new Ladder 15, delivered earlier, was able to fit in it’s bay since contractors lowered the floor a few inches.

“They probably should have done the engine side too,” said Firefighter Tim Freda.

Not to be outdone by the engine company press, no matter what kind, a member of the truck chimed in on the new advances in safety that their beloved rig has,

“”We’re all fastened in with seat-belts,” Keith said. “We no longer hang off the side of the trucks.””

What, you were thinking of somewhere else?
Did you catch the flashy Dave Statter-style paragraph headline?

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