PR Dilemma: Buffalo

Division Chief in Buffalo has to take time from commanding a fire to point out the obvious.

During a house fire in Buffalo early this morning, local reporters covered the fire’s advance as well as “color commentary” by neighbors.

“Sometimes were not making the progress that people think we should just because of Hollywood movies. This isn’t a Hollywood movie. This is real life,” said Division Chief John Mogavero, Buffalo Fire Department. “Anybody questioning how long it takes us to do the job, they would not be able to walk a mile in our shoes.”

Does our public relations go far enough in explaining what we do?
Are our usual messages too technical?

Should we even care?

See The Fire PIO for detailed posts on the dilemmas of a fire department public information officer.

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  • Nate Q. says:

    May just be me, but kind of looked like steam-converted smoke in the background when that guy was so eloquently stating, “Ain’t got no water yet!” Wonder if he’s related to the”FDNY Harrassment Guy”?

    He should be used as the poster boy for remaining calm on-scene (along with those San Fran people). Then look at the chief…cool as a cucumber.

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