Just Like Them City Folk

First, the town gets a stop light. Now the new engine has a roto-ray. We’re in the big time now!

In the little community where I first got my start in firefighting with my best friend, the local fire department is receiving its new engine tanker.

Let’s hope all that traffic on Upper Ferry road notices the roto-ray. Rush hour is such a pain.

The significance of a new engine with a roto-ray at that, isn’t so much about new apparatus but about change. Many years ago when my friend and I joined the department was the youngest in the county. With a yearly average of slightly over 10 calls a year we surprisingly weren’t the slowest in the county. A simple metal building housed an odd assortment of apparatus and mismatched gear. Flash forward twenty-plus years and the brand new Engine Tanker 15-1 will soon be housed in a renovated quarters and looked over by paid EMS staff and well-equipped local volunteers.

Change happens. Some in the fire service see it as a burden, some see it as a challenge and some see it as a joy. No matter how you look at it within your department, make no doubt, it is coming. If you traveled back in time and asked two young men if they could see their department having even one ambulance, a squad and a boat, they would have laughed at you.

For you apparatus fans, you can check out the development of Allen’s new ‘wagon’ here.

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