Lesson In Awareness:Illinois Politicians Call For O2 Declaration

Immediately after the death of Homewood Illinois firefighter Brian Carey, some people began to question and call for signs to be placed on or near the homes of residents who rely on medical oxygen [1]. An Illinois state senator has taken up the cause and proposed new legislation.
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Fairfax County Training Prompts

A few years ago there was a blog site out of Fairfax County that was a good source of material if you were looking for something to train about or discuss with the others on your shift. Unfortunately it died away, but it has now come back with new content and a new look.
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When Did It Become Okay To Say ‘No’?

Dave LeBlanc reminds us that a blanket safety policy does no good when it comes to people trapped. Your sizeup is your own; no other department is going to fight this fire for you – and for the victims possibly inside.
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