4 Alarms on Bunker Hill

Known as the location where the quote ‘don’t fire until you see the whites of their eyes’ comes from the Bunker Hill area of Charlestown was the scene of yesterday’s four-alarm fire in Boston (the actual battle itself was fought on Breeds Hill nearby). An barbecue grill illegally placed on the roof of 41 High Street fell over. As a result, fire extended to additional propane tanks, the roof, cockloft and exposures.

Engine Company 50, first due on the box alarm, struck the second alarm on arrival. Deputy Chief DiBenedetto followed with the third and fourth alarms as well as specials to fill the RIT assignments. Fire extended along the cockloft and roof of 41 High Street into 39 High Street and the fourth and third floors. Nine firefighters were treated for heat exhaustion.

Box 4141 – 41 High Street – District 3
Box: E.50, 32, 8 – L.9, 24 – R.1 – Car 3
RIT, Rehab: E.39 – L.18 – W.25 – Car 4a(RIT)
2nd: E.4, 10, 33, 5, Somerville 2 – L.1, 15, TL.3
SU – W.12 – H-1 – C.7 – Car 6a(2nd) – Car 1(ACT) – A-65
3rd: E.3, 37 – L.21
4th: E.21, 22
Extra: TL.17 (RIT)
Extra: E.14 (RIT)
Extra: L.10 (RIT)
Extra: L.7 (RIT)

Transfer: Brookline L.2-14; Cambridge L.1-15; Quincy L.2-7
Detail: E.9, 53 – L.14

This is the second multiple alarm for Boston in July, the first being another four-alarm fire on 4 July in District 12.
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Could be worse. Could be Orioles.

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