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Not Gone, But Forgotten

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They have survived the unthinkable, wondering if it would have been better if they had been one of the 343.

Surviving Fire Forums

“Do you know how many post counts I have? Don’t mess with the bull.”

Merchandising Your Safety

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“Take your highly priced RIT tarp and fold it carefully. It will not help you save any firefighters.” Paul Hashagen, FDNY

4 Alarms in Jamaica Plain

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“In District 9, a second alarm by order of Ladder 10…”

Wicked Hot

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Two boxes, a second and a fourth in one day. How you like them apples?

Hot Chiefs

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Unless it’s snowing or raining, should the IC really be fully dressed?

4 Alarms on Bunker Hill

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Jakes hold the line where a young nation once did the same many years ago.

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