National Fire Chief

The fourth edition of the First Due Blog Carnival asks how participants would hypothetically fill the role of Administrator of the United States Fire Administration. Participants also had to state your first year’s agenda and three priorities. So, hypothetically speaking, should the President hit me up on Facebook or Twitter, here is what I would attempt to deliver. Continue reading

What Is It Going To Take?

Dave Leblanc shares his Cape Cod Times Op Ed piece on the close call in Sandwich.

On Monday May 31st, 2010, while the rest of America was celebrating Memorial Day, the Sandwich Fire Department responded to a reported house fire. Short staffed because of EMS runs, like so many fire departments in the US, there were only two firefighters available for the initial attack. Continue reading

Rhetorical Lesson No.1: ‘Perfect’

I enjoy following politics, not the extremist, foaming-at-the-mouth, party line-do or die politics, but the science of politics. That said I’m also a fan of George Will. Last week on ABC’s This Week, the Roundtable closed with the panel’s thoughts on Jim Joyce’s infamous call during the Detroit Tigers game. George elevated the issue to two main subjects: Forgiveness and Perfectionism. He gave a great statement and like similar ones I hear of from time to time, and think can apply to the fire service, I tucked it away for later use. During his discussion George said “the perfect is the enemy of the good.” I thought this surely applies to the fire service especially within the safety v. aggressive debates but how? Maybe I’ll use it, maybe not. Continue reading