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4th ed. First Due Blog Carnival

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Interesting agendas from contributors concerned about firefighter safety.

National Fire Chief

Don’t worry. I don’t believe I’d be kept on the job for very long.

There Ought to Be a Law

Shoo Wee, we were gettin’ it I tell ya. We went in thar and kicked its arse!

What Is It Going To Take?

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Come on, it’s just a broken back, walk it off – we have a fire to fight, let’s go!

Rhetorical Lesson No.1: ‘Perfect’

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Let’s keep perfect in the ballfields, not on the fireground.

First Due Blog Carnival:Wanted: National Fire Chief

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Suppose you were the next USFA chief. Seriously.

A Chat with Easy

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Never forget the “real” band of brothers.

Are You A Disciplined Fireman?

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The real job doesn’t come with a script. Wait a minute, it does?

Boston Multiples, May

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Townies from E.50 took in three of ’em.

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