But They’ll Die as “Valiant Heroes”

A slight observation commentary

Earlier this week some of us were shocked and surprised with the confined space close call in Indiana. Two men were found unconscious at the bottom of a well. Two firefighters went down to rescue and them and became incapacitated as well. Reports state that vapors from muriatic acid were the cause. Continue reading

‘Tear it Apart’, Sharing the Wealth

My contribution to the First Due Blog Carnival 3rd edition.

The latest edition of the First Due Blog Carnival asks contributors to share that one or two nuggets of information that changed the way you personally operate as a firefighter. My experience ranges from a rural setting to a Washington, D.C. suburb. What can be said that could help someone else? Continue reading

Stick with the Old, Toss the New

This week a new design in SCBA was field tested by firefighters here in the metro-Washington, D.C. area. Its unveiling marks a significant change that can affect firefighter operations and stress. Unfortunately, some people seem to be stuck in “tradition” and much like mammoths caught in the La Brea tar pits, their narrow-mindedness keeps them from seeing the potential that this new tool has. Continue reading


Over-Estimating Technology

We live in a quickly advancing technological age. My daughter will go through grade school without ever having to touch an encyclopedia; two firefighters states apart can do a live radio program from their own basements; and some of my coworkers can Four Square from the most remote locations. Continue reading