Unscientific Culture Study: FDIC

I received a few emails from readers who asked me about FDIC, the conferences, ‘the speech’ and what things there that might interest me. Suprised to be asked, I offer the following; truly an educational time and a great oppotunity to fellowship for many, I’m certain that I’ll be working. That said, I’m not sure what my schedule will be. I know I need to meet some of my coworkers and bosses and I know there are some people who have made it point to want to meet me, so that will be a big priority. That, and I’d like to meet all of the FEMS bloggers that will be there.

My ‘bucket list’ for this week:
FEMSBlogger Meet Up
Firefighter Netcast
UFM, Brotherhood, Traditions

Other than that, I’ll be keeping an eye out for the “classic” vendor. You know, the one who sells stuff you could get for free or who uses partially true statements to sell you something to make you safe. At one event I came across a vendor selling wooden door chocks for $1.50; made out of 1″ dimensional lumber at that. At another I found a vendor selling a brand of PPE that was supposedly lightweight because “heat stress is the number one cause for firefighter heart attacks.” Really? Heat stress alone? Hmmm.

I also might ask you, if you’re there, some questions, observations and insights. Feel free to ‘unload.’ If I leave Saturday accomplishing half of this, then I’d consider it a success.

anthony-michael-hall-breakfast-club See you later. Look me up at the FireRescue Magazine booth (3755). I’ll be the cool nerdy-looking guy.
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Don’t forget the 2nd Edition of the First Due Blog Carnival. The deadline is aproaching!

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