Firefighter Netcast:Educator Profile, of sorts

I‘m promoting tonight’s Firefighter Netcast because it looks at one of two training organizations whose operations I find interesting as a business, especially in this economy, and as educators.

Traditions' Nick Martin (left) and Dan Shaw (right)

Traditions' Nick Martin (left) and Dan Shaw (right)

Firefighter Netcast looks at Traditions Training and speaks with two if its staff, Nick Martin and Dan Shaw. The netcast duo will talk with Nick and Dan and see what it is that makes the training services Traditions offers unique. Traditions is one of two services, Brotherhood Instructors being the other, that I am constantly amazed at how they stay in business and at what training subjects are in demand. With FDIC around the corner, and other various expos and conventions not far away, I hear two general arguments growing each year: costs too much to go; same old topics each year. It is interesting to see how Tradition, and Brotherhood, has grown from small localized services to capital ventures crossing state and country lines. As I’ve shared with our group of Inklings, I’m certain that large-scale training ventures, especially those run by publishers, will eventually have to give way to groups such as Traditions and Brotherhood. The production costs cannot continue to keep up with the demand and subject quality.

Listen to tonight’s program at Firefighter Netcast, starting at 2100 hours EST, and ask yourself the following:

  • With continual budget cuts, can my department continue to afford to go to the large shows?
  • What was the most recent training event I attended and how did I share what I learned?
  • Does a smaller, regional training really deliver information about what is in my response area?
  • Does experience of my instructor weigh more than educational experience?
  • As an aside, for those who know of my location, I state as a disclaimer that I’m not hawking Traditions wares. There are quire a few very good training services, and some very bad ones as well. Despite any relationship I may have with the staff of Traditions, Brotherhood or any other service, I promote them based on the quality of their instruction alone and nothing more.

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