First Due Blog Carnival, 2nd Ed.”Influential Fire Reports”

first-due-blog-carnival1a Welcome to the First Due Blog Carnival’s second edition, “Influential Fire Reports“. We asked you to share what firefighting report made a personal impact on how you operate as a firefighter or fire officer. The response was great and varied between being deeply personal and having a mission. Continue reading

Inside the Mind,Influential Fire Reports

My contribution to the First Due Carnival Blog second edition (Influential Fire Reports) involves two firefighter fatality reports. What may make mine different from others is that these two reports, and one book, have influenced the purpose I have in writing and in learning more about ‘firefighter behavior’. Continue reading

Influential Fire ReportsUnderstanding the Routine Fire

The following is Guest Contributor Dave LeBlanc's contribution to the 2nd Ed. First Due Blog Carnival.

This is my first entry to the Carnival. I can’t think of a better topic as a jumping off point. When I think back over the countless reports that I have read, there are certainly more than a few that stand out. I think the reports prepared by Departments, as an internal review tend to have the most impact. Certainly there are things to be learned from the NIOSH reports, but for a Department to look inside itself and come out with an honest critique of what went right and what went wrong, well I think that just has more impact. Continue reading

Stories of SurvivalD.C. Firefighters Burn Foundation

There’s very little to add to what is presented in these two videos.
Even less to what Joe Morgan, Charlie Shyab and Kenneth Humphries share.
If you care about the man or woman riding across from you, pass them along.
Special thanks to the D.C. Firefighters Burn Foundation. Continue reading

Unscientific Culture Study: FDIC

I received a few emails from readers who asked me about FDIC, the conferences, ‘the speech’ and what things there that might interest me. Suprised to be asked, I offer the following; truly an educational time and a great oppotunity to fellowship for many, I’m certain that I’ll be working. That said, I’m not sure what my schedule will be. I know I need to meet some of my coworkers and bosses and I know there are some people who have made it point to want to meet me, so that will be a big priority. That, and I’d like to meet all of the FEMS bloggers that will be there. Continue reading


2nd Ed. First Due Blog CarnivalCall for Posts

The second edition of the First Due Blog Carnival is approaching. This edition will be hosted here and published on 30 April. For background on the blog carnival subject brush up on the facts here and at Fire Critic. As stated during the first edition, you don’t even need a blog of your own to participate; just find a contributor who will post your submission. Continue reading

Firefiighters pulled Graling to the roof and performed CPR on her. (WBZ)

‘Wicked Cool’Rescues at Box 1583

Firefiighters pulled Graling to the roof and performed CPR on her. (WBZ)

Firefiighters pulled Graling to the roof and performed CPR on her. (WBZ)

During the firefight in Boston’s Back Bay, two significant rescues took place that have captured the media’s attention. Most notable is that of Kelly Graling. Ms. Graling’s rescue was captured by overhead news helicopters when she was removed to the roof of 483 Beacon Street. Initially believing the sounding alarm to be a false alarm, like an earlier call, Kelly noted that she was reluctant to leave the building at first. After seeing smoke, the last thing she said she remembered was trying to get to the roof.

“Upon reentering the blazing complex, [Firefighter Joe] Hughes aided in the rescue of a young woman on the roof in “full cardiac arrest, with no pulse and no respirations.’’ Firefighter Scott Coyne performed CPR, while Lieutenant Robert Dean gave her his face piece, Hughes said. “Things spiral really quickly,’’ Hughes, of Walpole, said, adding that the hot weather, the heavy smoke, and the old building’s narrow stairwells and lack of a sprinkler system all contributed to the confusion. Continue reading

Traditions' Nick Martin (left) and Dan Shaw (right)

Firefighter Netcast:Educator Profile, of sorts

I‘m promoting tonight’s Firefighter Netcast because it looks at one of two training organizations whose operations I find interesting as a business, especially in this economy, and as educators.

Traditions' Nick Martin (left) and Dan Shaw (right)

Traditions' Nick Martin (left) and Dan Shaw (right)

Firefighter Netcast looks at Traditions Training and speaks with two if its staff, Nick Martin and Dan Shaw. The netcast duo will talk with Nick and Dan and see what it is that makes the training services Traditions offers unique. Continue reading