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FDIC, But Only Closer

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This year, avoid the airports and just get on the Capital Beltway.

Giving ‘Fast Attack’ A Bad Name?Houston LODD Differences

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“If ‘fast attack’ is intended to mean quick access into the structure and positioning of the hoselines for a quick knockdown, then it is dead-on in probably the majority of working fires in Houston.”

Giving ‘Fast Attack’ a Bad Name?Houston LODD Similarities

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Is it the actual tactic or is it a string of collective, individual errors making us question Houston’s ‘fast attack’?

Collyer Mansion: Boston

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Reconnaissance. Making the most of local alarms to become aware of greater difficulties.

Collyer Mansion: Detroit

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Crews had to move through waist high debris to reach the occupant.

Boston February Multiples

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February ended with two second alarms struck and the spring rotation finalized.

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