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Boston Box 3842, 2-Alarms

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Boston companies traveled to the city line for this worker.

Worcester: Reinforcing Lessons Learned

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““We’ve been having trouble with people getting in there, – “

“I Am a Firefighter Because…”

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“I can easily recall being at some of the biggest fires in town as a kid, after my mom drove me to the scene so we could watch.”

Beating Up on Aggressive Firefighting

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“If your department doesn’t bring its A-game to each and every fire, the ‘aggressive attack’ could become an illegal act.”

Boston Triple Doubles

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March hits Boston with three 2-alarm fires. So far.

Squatter Save: California

“Vallejo police had been to the dealership to have the homeless vacate the property.”

March 30 Second Drill

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“Do you stretch your hoseline off the first due engine or off your own engine?”

“Borough of Fire”Brooklyn Workers

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Members of Engine Co.210 were injured in one of the many all hands fires in the borough.

The Safety Mantra

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“FDNY Captain Paddy Brown is quoted as saying, “you can do everything right on this job and still get killed.””

Boston. “We need a reserve to replace the reserve.”

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It’s disappointing when your rig is O.O.S. Worse when the reserve catches fire.

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