January 30 Second Drill

Salisbury (MD) firefighters prepare to advance a hoseline at this residential basement fire. (Cliff Shockley/FITHP)

Salisbury (MD) firefighters prepare to advance a hoseline at this residential basement fire. (Cliff Shockley/FITHP)

The 30-Second Drill is to provide a brief drill/discussion subject that can take no more than 30 seconds to read and reply to. A second purpose is to learn the differences and similarities of the answers across the viewing audience.

To participate answer the three questions based on your department. Include your departmentís state (MD, PA, AZ) in your reply. Donít reply to other readerís comments; they will be removed. There will be a followup to each drill posted afterward where further discussion can be done.

stopwatch imageFor basement fires, confirmed upon arrival, where does your department say the first hoseline goes?
Where does the second line go?
Who is responsible for the primary search of the basement?

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  • Travis Burlingame says:

    The first hoseline would be our 2″ preconnect attack line and we would stretch this to the basement to attack the fire. Our second line would prolly get pulled 10 to 15 mins into the fire and would be a back up line. If there was a second point of egress thats where the line would be placed. The primary search would be left up to the first attack line due to the fact that we are a small rural department. Plymouth Fire, Plymouth NY

  • David says:

    This is a very interesting topic. I am interested in the different answers that will be shared…

    I am trying to put myself in this situation, Manpower pending I would go with appling the first line directly to the basement and again this is manpower pending, but this team would also try and conduct the primary search in conjunction with suppression, and place the second handline on the ground floor, there are different ways to look at this scenario, but with limited info this is what i would go with.

  • cbk says:

    The 1st line: to the fire in the basement (known as “basement attack”). With the construction in our district, we may attempt outside access vs. interior due to prevelant lightwieght construction here.

    The 2nd line: stretched at least the same length as the attack line and is used to back up the “basement attack” company awaits at the 1st floor steps or point of entry. Responsible for 1st floor extention and egress. Known as either “back up” or “1st floor attack”

    Search of basement: 2nd truck or Squad
    State: Ohio
    Response is 2 engines (four each), 2 trucks (four each), 1 squad (three ff’s)

  • tungstontiller says:

    1st Line, interior stairs, allows search for occupants, & protection of egress. If stairs aren’t able to be advanced, 1st line provides protection or door control/backstop, from safe area, with nozzle control. & must communicate such.

    2nd line stands by at 1st lines entrance. If 1st line calls an audible, 2nd line moves to alternate exterior door for advancement & knock down.
    If audible is called for 2nd line to provide extinguishment, 3rd line must be placed inservice to deploy as 1st lines back up.

    Additionally, 2nd & 3rd line must be prepared to go to top floor in balloon frame constr. & 1st line is extinguish.

    One scenario where line length considerations should include secondary purpose. As all 3 lines would have a primary & 2ndary responsibility.

    (With aprx 5 mins between arriving units.)
    Johnston, IA

  • LSU_laddercapt says:

    I’m in LA now…and there aren’t a lot of basements down here, so I’m going back to NC tactics.

    If there is a way that we can make an attack on the basement from the exterior, then that’s our preference. First line goes there to knock down the fire; second line goes to the first floor along with the truck to assess and control fire extension into the main space of the structure. In this case, search of the basement will be determined entirely by the situation and what the crews find.

    If exterior attack is not an option, first line secures the stairway to the basement until the second line is in operation and there’s a solid water supply in place. Then first line descends to gain control of the basement. Second line holds the stairwell while truck conducts search on the first floor. If the first line’s crew doesn’t take a beating, they’ll probably conduct the primary on the basement; otherwise, it’ll probably be left to whoever replaces them.

    The focus is on holding the fire to the basement while we ensure that everyone is out and safe.

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