Dunderdale Hits a Triple

harrishof st The first multiple of the new year for Boston turned out to be a third-alarm in District 9, in Roxbury. A short circuit in an electrical socket resulted in fire through the roof seen by Rescue 2. Engine 28 and Ladder 26, initially assigned RIT duties, were put to work upon arrival. Chief Dunderdale (C.7) struck the third-alarm resulting in a total of 12 engines, seven trucks, one tower ladder, Rescue 2 and various support companies on the scene. One firefighter suffered a shoulder injury, one a back injury and a third suffered facial burns and an eye injury.
harrishof st1

Roxbury blaze leaves 10 homeless (video)
House destroyed, three firefighters injured

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beltre Corners covered with Youkilis at first and Beltre at third.

102 Harrishof St
1928 Box 2168
E 42, 24, 14 – L 23, 4 – R2 – D9(Ops)
RIT Co. E 28
1931 Rehab and RIT Co.
L 26 – W25 – D4(RIT)
1934 2nd Alarm
E 21, 17, 37 – L 7, TL 10 – SU TaC, W12
H1, Z1, C7, D7(Act), A-65
E 53 (RIT)
1955 3rd Alarm
E 3, 55 – C2
L 17 (RIT)
2107 Detail
E 5, 50 – L 6, 25
2339 All Out
2339 Detail Terminated
ORIGIN: attic electric short in socket attic fully involved through roof
*went to work at fire
temp +26° calm
Courtesy A65 , Belin

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