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2009 LODD Summary, 2nd Half

A detailed look at the last half of 2009’s line of duty deaths. Reinforcements, surprises and additional considerations.

Uncommon Valor

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” “What I’m trying to get out of this is to have one good, concrete memory that I can have of him for what he did to save those people,” said his oldest daughter.”


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“Not a fad, but a change in “culture”, a change of delivery.”

Box 9-1432. Every Buff’s Dream

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“A great video find, 48 Hours goes to Boston and catches a 9 banger.”

Firefighter Netcast. Listen Up

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“What, no BOC? no Steve Miller Band? no Rush? what kinda show is this?”

3-Alarm Fire in Southie

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“3-alarm fire strikes apartment house in Boston.”

January 30 Second Drill

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“For basement fires, the first line goes where?”

Boston, 4 Alarms in District 1

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“About 20 minutes later, firefighters said they feared a third house might be at risk, so they called for a fourth alarm response.”

This Space for Rent

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“While the stories have generated a lot of feedback regarding big corporations, community support and firefighters selling out, they do present an topic for intelligent debate.”

Dunderdale Hits a Triple

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Boston’s first triple and they’re not even in Ft. Myers yet…

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