Kicking the Little Guy

tower 21 fdny I’ve never claimed to be a journalist, or even attempted to do so. However, I have spent some time on engines and trucks and can generally distinguish between the different types.

It’s bad enough that 49 engine companies are dropping down to four-man staffing (give P.G. a call when you start staffing the ambulance as well), but a Manhattan news site has to go and rub salt in the wound by featuring a large shot of Tower Ladder 21.

“A fire truck from Engine 21 in Hell’s Kitchen. The FDNY did not state which companies would see staffing cuts on Wednesday” – Heather Grossman, DNAinfo

Evidently Engine 34, which is quartered with Tower Ladder 21, must have been out on a CFR-D run. The body of Ms. Grossman’s story is correct though. 15 engines in the Bronx; 14 in Brooklyn; 12 in Manhattan; 7 in Queens and 1 on Staten Island will all lose the fifth man. This will leave 11 five-man engine companies in the city. The reasons, according to Commissioner Scoppetta, are to make up for costs due to medical leave. Other news reports state that the staffing will be reviewed again in January.

fdny e34 So here’s to you, Engine 34. Be sure to wake the truck on your way out to the next medic-local.

“Excessive Sick Leave Axes FDNY 5th FF on Engines” Firegeezer

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