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Collyer Mansion, Part II

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“Unable to open the door all the way because of debris, Lieutenant Dooley and his team began passing bags of rubbish out into the public hall.”

Guest Article: The Triangle of Solid Standard Operating Procedures

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“Unfortunately there are some officers that subscribe to the “mother may I” mentality. They do not encourage their firefighters to think on their own.”

Collyer Mansion, Part I

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“It took almost a month after New York City Police Department’s Emergency Squad 6 forced entry on March 21 to find the body of Langley Collyer.”

“Unsuitable” Parts

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“- firefighters who were not licensed mechanics repeatedly adjusted the brakes in violation of national safety guidelines.”

Why We Search, Boston

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“A 63-year-old Boston firefighter, making his way up a stairway through black smoke, pulled a homeless man to safety from a burning warehouse in South Boston -“

It Pays to be Single

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“There is something rather unique, other than the obvious, about working in a ‘single house’.”

Find six for “Six”

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“Find six (6) vacant/abandoned/unoccupied structures in your immediate response area that you might not have been aware of.”

“Camaraderie under Fire”A Boston Chief Remembers Worcester

” – I have thought of him from time to time when the memory of the Worcester Tragedy comes back to me or when I see the word “camaraderie.” “

Kicking the Little Guy

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“Evidently Engine 34, which is quartered with Tower Ladder 21, must have been out on a CFR-D run.”

X-rated Firefighting

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“Just as we would pre-plan for the fire in a day care or shopping center, marking of vacant buildings is an act of pre-planning.”

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