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Guest Article: ROE vs OSHA

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“I began thinking that 2 in / 2 out is another ROE that doesn’t give us the flexibility. – It restricts and binds us to an unrealistic ideal.”

11 Reasons Why for NIOSH

“In less than a minute I gave Art Reason 11 reasons why NIOSH reports may not be read or taken seriously.”

“It’s What We All Do”

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“Fire Lieutenant Mike Sameski, Engine Company 16 gave a great five word mission statement about this fire, his company and the department,

November 30-Second Drill

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“What is the average number of personnel you can expect from a company assigned to RIC, RIT or FAST duties in your area?”

Hooks, Rakes and Slipshod Ventilation

“Truck company operations are probably the one part of basic firefighting whose normal tasks can be practiced over and over and not need a completely realistic scenario to be teachable.”

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