Quiet, Firefighters at Work

Do you realize that it has been five months since the infamous “Shot Heard ‘Round the Firehouse”? In that time, there have been 14 articles written devoted to “Examining the process of firefighting to see if there is a better and safer way to operate”. Was this an employer directed punishment, an adult version of writing “I will not be aggressive at house fires” one hundred times? Hardly; instead it is a lesson to all of us that what was said in April is doctrinally, strategically and tactically sound. There are two main camps of firefighters these days. Ones who are quick to rally around the flag, jump in on the hype and drama and end up being nothing more than a clanging cymbal. Then there are the others, the ones who know what they do, without need to prove it to anyone and who do it smartly, efficiently and share their knowledge with others.

What group are you in?

There are enough of these below to do at least one drill a week from now to the end of the year, with some time in between. Share them, discuss them, see what your department can do with the principles given. It would be a lot better than surfing for that old FDIC speech video.

Tactical Safety – The Engine Company Search
Tactical Safety – Residential Hose Estimate
Tactical Safety – Too Much Hose
Tactical Safety – Tool Placement
Tactical Safety – The Washdown
Tactical Safety – Cellar Stairs
Tactical Safety – The Why Behind Two Floors Below
Tactical Safety – An Attack Company
Tactical Safety – Bleeding the Hoseline
Tactical Safety – Officer to the Fire
Tactical Safety – Leaving a Guide at the Door
Tactical Safety – Swinging the Axe
Tactical Safety – An Area of Refuge
Tactical Safety – Entry Door Check

“Stock Tip”
“Word of Mouth”
“Making Johnny a Poor Leader”
The Housewatch

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