Saved from Boredom

Author’s Note: Last week, on 11 September to be exact, three members of a volunteer fire department near where I grew up were named in arson charges. Their reason why they set the fires was that they were “bored”. Here are some things you can do if you’ve racked your mind and can’t find anything to do at your firehouse, so you don’t end up being an embarrassment to your department and community.

The new guy was just putting away the last dish when someone yelled “First due box!” He’s the last one onboard and the engine pulls out just as he closes his door. Bouncing back and forth in the cab, he buttons up, and tries to slip his arms into his SCBA straps. Forgetting his radio, he slips out of the SCBA and slips the radio on. As he leans against the rig while taking a corner, he notices his hood on the floor of the cab. Instinctively he leans down to pick it up and is jerked to a halt by his SCBA. Continue reading