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“Probably the most comprehensive book about the work of the engine company that isn’t a bland textbook.”

Highlighting the Day In, Day Out

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“Amid stories of the geriatric protesting health care reform, window washers have become “Joe the Plumber” for the fire service.”

August Training Prompt

Every other month Backstep Firefighter will post a training or discussion prompt on a various subject. Rather than be instructional the purpose is to have readers reflect on new subjects or brush up on old ones. The prompt can also serve to have members discuss why it is their department does things the way it does. […]

2009 LODD 6-Month Summary – Final

“Over the recent years, the effort to reduce the number of line of duty deaths has included a number of social or cultural values.”

August 2009

The next to last article about the first half of this year’s LODDs is posted. One thing that was immediately interesting is that the notion that young firefighters racing up to the station will die in POV accidents is not a large fact. Of all of the “Collision” deaths, only one of the six was an 18 year old, operating without a […]

2009 LODD; Medical, Response

“- However there are some whose deaths raise a concern that the definition may be too loosely applied.”

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