Truck Appreciation Day

Every now and then those on the truck are fortunate to grab fame and glory. After all, it is well within their duties to search for and rescue those in distress. Aside from the routine of breaking doors, windows, tools, posing for photos and watching the fire go out, a truckie may get the rare chance to make an impact on the fire attack.

Case in point, Prince George’s County (MD) and a working garage fire. Despite the current staffing problems, an engine has to stretch a line using the members who rode in on it. If staffing is below the minimum, then they simply make do with what they have or can get. This is done either by the officer and wagon driver making the stretch or by requesting the second due engine assist with the stretch. Here we find a member of Truck 828 quick to help with the stretch as well as become the Lineman

Whether or not the member was directed to assist Engine 848, since we report our staffing when we respond, or if he deviated from his truck assignment we don’t know. We do know in the video that E.848’s officer reported that the Truck 828 member was with him on the line. A good action that ensures accountablility. If you have to split your crew, or if you find yourself having to make assisting another company a priority over your own assignment, make sure your officer knows who you are with and where you are.

Unless, of course, you are the nozzleman.

Truck 28 guy, we salute you.

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