2009 LODD; Position, Fireground

A further, more specific, breakdown of the numbers and information shows the following:

Position Types
Chief Officer: 6; Line Officer: 15; Firefighter: 32
Line Officer, in this writing, refers to traditional sub-command positions (i.e. captain, lieutenant, and corporal) as well as “station chief” as it was listed congruent with “firefighter”.

Of the 32 firefighters, I include air crew positions in wildland firefighting aircraft as well as the one fire-police position and the one probationary firefighter. It is interesting to note, Continue reading

2009 LODD 6-Month Summary

The following is a brief look at the line of duty death numbers for the first half of the year. Future posts will take a narrow look at these fatalities, the difference between “on duty” and “line of duty”, and without the inclusion of the December 2003 Hometown Heroes Survivors Benefits Act. This is to be a cultural and numerical evaluation and is purposefully not being done to minimize the sacrifice of the the fallen and their families.
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