2008 Near-Miss Annual Report

The 2008 Annual Report from the National Fire Fighter Near-Miss Reporting System has been released. 590 reports were posted, an increase from the 477 in 2007. A total of 2,149 reports have been posted to the site since 2005.

Some interesting data from the 2008 Annual Report are:

Firefighters and Company Officers account for a total of 68% of reporters by Job/Rank

FEMA Region III (District of Columbia, Maryland, Delaware, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and West Virginia) had the most reporters by Region, 130

Greatest range of experience at time of event was 0-3 years (84) followed closely by 17-20 years (74) and 7-10 years (73)

Greatest age range at time of event was 43-51 years of age (173)

Fire accounted for nearly half of the Event Type (48%) while Training and Non-Fire each accounted for 15%. Vehicle was 14%

67% of those reporting the incident were involved in the event

Three Greatest Contributing Factors:
Situational Awareness 285
Decision Making 246
Human Error 216

Three Least Contributing Factors:
Teamwork 34
Fatigue 31
Protocol 18

Could this (the near-miss) happen again?
Yes 66%

What is even better for us to digest and learn from is the Callback Data. Approximately 90% of the reports submitted included contact information, allowing for additional research by the Near-Miss staff. “Unsafe Acts” and “Preconditions to Unsafe Acts” account for 79% of the Root Cause of Event.

Annual Report 2008, National Fire Fighter Near-Miss Reporting System
Annual Report 2007, National Fire Fighter Near-Miss Reporting System
National Fire Fighter Near-Miss Reporting System

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