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“It’s all in the basement”

The following video from East St. Louis plainly illustrates the need to be a deliberate engine company. In viewing we learn that the lineman recognizes two signs of the first floor being compromised. We also see and hear how the lineman communicates to the rest of his company about:– First floor integrity/hazard– Need to check […]

Collyer and Blankets in the Projects

Relating to the Collyer Mansion article on this month, there was a 2-alarm fire in the Bronx in Co-op City this week. Unless you happened to be listening to the FDNY online you would be hard pressed to find any information about this job. Fires in major cities are a dime a dozen to […]

Spring Training

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On Thursday, 12 February, the Red Sox struggled their way through an oppressive Florida winter to begin the first day of Spring Training. Last weekend, in the Washington D.C. area the thermometer hit the upper fifties and people could be found on The Mall in shorts and t-shirts. Spring, or any slight hint of spring, […]

Staffing Effects Research

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From Dave Statter, WUSA9 ROCKVILLE, Md. (WUSA)- Firefighters crawling inside a burning building to put out a fire. But this is a test. If this had been an actual emergency your local fire department may not have four firefighters on board each fire truck as they did on Thursday at the Montgomery County Fire Rescue […]

Tactical Benchmarks

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The latest edition of Radio @’s Training and Tactics Talk presented a brief outline of what will be Chief Doug Cline’s future radio programs. Chief Cline begins to look at real tactical operations that occur in the field; a comparison of these between big city and rural departments; and the tactics that have to […]

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