Talking Back to Basics

A new approach to back-to-basics training was recently delivered at The latest post on Training and Tactics in over a year, Chief Doug Cline leads a discussion on training philosophies with Battalion Chief Jeffery Pindelski and Buddy Hyde. Together they discussed what is needed to be looked into regarding the training of firefighters and officers.
Training & Tactics Talk: Training Philosophies

The podcast is open to comments.

Interesting statements from the podcast:

  • The breakdown is in basic skills; a lot of tasks expected are advanced skills that rely on the solid foundation of basic skills
  • Early retirements; rapid promotions; backgrounds are missing from the newer generations
  • The “slide tray” (personal experiences) we have is limited, affecting our choices and decisions
  • Pulling hoselines and throwing ladders is timeless
  • Need to focus training on the actual risks and fireground evolutions
  • We’re not aggressive but reckless; identify the difference
  • Need to have veteran officers participating, not just leading and being off on the sidelines
  • Firefighters need to better understand the technology given to them
  • Building construction and fire behavior are predictable situations; how does this affect our operations?
  • Some of our tactics were built long before the situations we’re experiencing today
  • Need to focus on failures, close calls
  • Settling for the status quo
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