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Company Pride

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The purpose of this piece is to preface the online symposium “Reducing Firefighter Deaths and Injuries: Changes in Concept, Policy, and Practice”, from 22 September to 3 October 2008, by the Public Entity Risk Institute and the IAFC.Three months from now, after various national fire service organizations and departments have presented information ad nauseam about […]

Nothing New Under The Sun

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  As new generations enter the fire service, they begin to sort out their own place, their own social order. As new technology enters the fire service it also goes through a sorting, being fully embraced without question in some instances, tried and tested in others and flat out refused in few (see “we’ve always […]

Wind-Driven Private Dwelling Fires

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Two interesting statements were made regarding firefighting strategy and tactics in May of this year. The first came during FDIC in an interview by Fire Engineering’s Bobby Halton. Chief Halton spoke with the NIST staff about the wind-driven fire experiments conducted in February of this year [1]. NIST along with the FDNY [2] and PolyTechnic […]

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