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Holding 1&1: First Due Engine Officer Discussion

  You and your engine company are on the scene

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Andy Fredericks Training Days: High Noon

  Don’t delay! This sells out fast

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Rhetorical Lesson No.13: Do Large Departments Get a Pass?

  If this were in the suburbs, what would the reaction be?    

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Studie$ and Report$

The complicated issues surrounding what you need to do the job

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January 2015 On-Duty Deaths in Detail

The good news is no one died inside a burning building

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On The Job

  It’s more than runs and workers; It’s your attitude

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  A healthy dose of fear is good. Too much is debilitating

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Into The Breech

  Coordination of the basement attack  

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December 2014 On-Duty Deaths in Detail

  Accountability is questioned at the end of the year  

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If Not Us, Then Who?

  Public trust cannot be taken lightly, especially in the search

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Backstep Firefighter

“To provide a point of critical thought about certain acts and events in the fire service while incorporating behavioral education and commentary in a referenced format.”

FE Talk: Humpday Hangout

Michael Furci
Of Falsehoods and Agendas
Having watched numerous videos, and read the UL research, using SLICERS as another tool to be used sparingly is all that one should conclude. Great! the temperatures from the floor to the ceiling go down. Wonderful! But what all these "SLICER" advocates fail to talk about, which I believe is due to a lack of…
2015-05-19 15:18:58
Michael Furci
Why We Search
To not search would a dereliction of duty. In Lorain, Ohio, like many other cities, we've had fatalities in abandoned buildings and homes. Companies have pulled homeless individuals off balconies and out of windows. Firefighting is inherently a dangerous job. If you don't like that fact, do something else. If you're not going to search…
2015-05-16 14:13:37
Bull Run Retreat - 1861 - Fire Geezer
Firefighter Mentality Revisited
[…] Carey posted Firefighter Mentality Revisited that covers many of the elements missing from the union soldiers at this […]
2015-05-11 11:45:50
Bill Schnaekel
On The Job
Thanks, Greg. I am happy to hear that you enjoyed it and appreciate the feedback. Please be sure to look through all of the other articles here written by our friends. If you're feelin' squirrelly, check out the following sites on FB: Holding1and1 Firefighter Basics A View From the Front Seat Firefighter Behavior
2015-04-28 22:44:17
Greg Hall
On The Job
Bill, Your article hit the nail on the head. I think I just found a new Blog. Thanks
2015-04-18 02:51:05
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