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A Bit of Compassion

  The little things can mean so much.  Ron Ayotte

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Left Behind

  An officer struggles with the sudden loss of one of his men

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Tactical Safety for Firefighters: Risk a Lot, Save a Lot

  ” It is the nature of firefighting to have risk thrust upon you.”   Shared post by Ray McCormack

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June 2014 On-Duty Deaths in Detail

  Two tragic apparatus crashes; one provides a sorrowful reminder to us all

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Wanted: Honest Discernment in Our Fire Service Discussions

  No educational value when one of the “sides” of fire service debates screws up

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Brooklyn Rescues Highlight Knowing Your Apparatus Placement and Overcoming Window Gates

  Will you fit? Better find out before the box

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Rhetorical Lesson No.12: Would Fewer Basics Work in Reducing Our LODDs?

Is over a dozen too many for the upcoming and speed-reading generations?

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Women and Children First by Dave LeBlanc

Unselfish service toward others

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Manhattan Working: Videos, Audio from Box 1568, Numerous Calls

“Battalion one-six, we’ve got reports of people jumping out windows,”

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Holding 1&1: Size-up This Job

A first-due engine company officer scenario

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Backstep Firefighter

“To provide a point of critical thought about certain acts and events in the fire service while incorporating behavioral education and commentary in a referenced format.”

FE Talk: Humpday Hangout

Kelly Jernigan
A Bit of Compassion
Thank you for taking the time to write this article. It's wonderful to know others share the same compassion for animals.
2014-09-27 13:53:01
Bill Carey
Wanted: Honest Discernment in Our Fire Service Discussions
Thank you John. I believe that part of the problem(s) is that some don't know how to pare down the material to what works for them. Another is that some believe that if XYZ worked for them is must and have to work for you, no exceptions. Finally, yes, I did get permission. Bill
2014-09-27 01:03:20
John Butler
Wanted: Honest Discernment in Our Fire Service Discussions
Hey Bill, good article. I've been building and selling flashover units since 2000. I've been preaching and practising flow path control since then. My first blitz attack (reset) was on a two storey house with flames out the 2nd storey window, back in 1996. We were first-in, as a 3 man crew on a ladder…
2014-09-27 00:54:12
A Bit of Compassion
Thanks for sharing your story. We bring our dogs to our office every day... What a fighter that doggy was.
2014-09-26 20:13:12
Ron Ayotte
A Bit of Compassion
I got word last night that the dog crossed the rainbow bridge yesterday afternoon.
2014-09-26 17:13:10
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