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Women and Children First by Dave LeBlanc

Unselfish service toward others

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Manhattan Working: Videos, Audio from Box 1568, Numerous Calls

“Battalion one-six, we’ve got reports of people jumping out windows,”

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Holding 1&1: Size-up This Job

A first-due engine company officer scenario

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Why We Search: Rescue from Chicago Vacant

Three victims pulled from vacant Logan Square building

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Crew Resource Management for the Fireground by Dep. Chief Ron Ayotte

Safety for the fire service begins in many places, converging at an incident

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Boston Videos: Rescue 1 Ride-Along and Eastie Three-Alarm Fire

One the way to Eastie for the reported building fire

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Boston Working: Videos from Six-Alarm Fire, First Multiple for New Commish

Fire in multiple structures in East Boston neighborhood

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York City Working: Positioning in the Alley

  Third truck uses the alley to their advantage

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Why We Search: Demolitions in Flint

  The safest vacant building is the demolished vacant building

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Holding 1&1: Ground Ladders Discussion

  Ladders, math and smoke showing from the Truck

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Backstep Firefighter

“To provide a point of critical thought about certain acts and events in the fire service while incorporating behavioral education and commentary in a referenced format.”
Ben Waller
Women and Children First by Dave LeBlanc
Actually, the "Women and children first" idea cane from the sinking if the HMS Birkenhead. Now known as "The Birkenhead Drill", this stemmed from the ship beginning to sink, an inadequate number of lifeboats, and the Royal Marines and soldiers on board being called to formation and standing in ranks while the ships crew put…
2014-08-21 11:25:14
Ron Ayotte
Women and Children First by Dave LeBlanc
2014-08-21 02:49:30
Brian Gary
Women and Children First by Dave LeBlanc
Very well written. I couldn't agree more with your statements. The problems are many, but they perpetuate and increase with every new class of recruits that are poisoned with the idea that anyone who feels unsafe has a responsibility to act and stop whatever is going on. When I came on, my instructors told me…
2014-08-21 02:04:23
Ric Jorge
Women and Children First by Dave LeBlanc
Atta boy David, customer service or customer satisfaction? The line is fine, and more often than not we can accomplish both with action, and a kind demeanor.
2014-08-21 01:41:12
The Discussion EVERY Shift MUST HAVE
Thanks for having the stones to put this info. out there. If through your efforts and others we can save one brother or sister then you have made a positive change in the fire service and that is really what we should all aspire to do in one way or another.
2014-08-13 14:00:30
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