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On The Job

  It’s more than runs and workers; It’s your attitude

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  A healthy dose of fear is good. Too much is debilitating

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Into The Breech

  Coordination of the basement attack  

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December 2014 On-Duty Deaths in Detail

  Accountability is questioned at the end of the year  

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If Not Us, Then Who?

  Public trust cannot be taken lightly, especially in the search

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The Dirtiest Job in The Fire Service

  The ‘salt’ that comes from fighting for your men

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Newark, OH Working : First Due Chief at Working Fire

  Video and report of occupant possibly inside at this house fire  

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November 2014 On-Duty Deaths in Detail

  The third death of a safety officer and a surprise about benefits  

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Of Falsehoods and Agendas

  Challenge what you read.    Dave LeBlanc

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The Career Exit Ramp, Just Ahead

  “I am proud to say that everyone under my command went home at the end of their tours.”  Ron Ayotte

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Backstep Firefighter

“To provide a point of critical thought about certain acts and events in the fire service while incorporating behavioral education and commentary in a referenced format.”

FE Talk: Humpday Hangout

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Bill Schnaekel
On The Job
Dan, If you are willing to listen to advice, I might have some for you. Please feel free to contact me through my email. It is leatherlungs8@Hotmail.com.
2015-04-17 22:40:35
On The Job
I feel there is not much one can do other then pass all the test and wait. If a department wants you, they will take you. In my experience I have been more then qualified for a position, passed all the test and the person right off the street got the job over me. When…
2015-04-17 20:59:05
jason allen
“Busy in Brooklyn”Lloyd Mitchell Photography
Great photo thanks
2015-04-08 22:07:34
Ron Ayotte
Dave... you hit it to of he ballpark again! Every firefighter, fire service instructor and every fire chief should read this...i n some cases, it should be read daily as a reminder of what the core mission of our profession is.
2015-03-29 12:20:59
Bill Schnaekel
If Not Us, Then Who?
Chief Ayotte, Thank you, not only for your kind words but your informative response. You had stated that it was a judgement call as to whether or not the initial arriving company officer conducted a quick primary search on marked vacant buildings. I'm curious, would that same officer face disciplinary actions if that were the…
2015-03-23 18:19:02
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